Rapid Hygiene Testing

Our simple-to-use Rapid Hygiene Testing device enables swab tests taken from Critical Control Points to be evaluated in less than one minute.


These systems measure organic matter by detecting the presence of adenosine triphosphate, the energy carrier found in all living cells. Any biological material left on a surface, such as food debris or microbes, can be detected in this way. Not only does the system detect contamination by microorganisms but also residues that could act as a breeding ground for microbes.


Producing data instantly at the point of measurement means issues can be handled without delay. Areas requiring further cleaning are re-cleaned and immediately checked again so the area can be ‘positively released’ before moving on to the next.


Using Rapid Hygiene Testing as part of our service, we ensure the requirements of both HACCP and the Food Act 1990 are integral elements of our service.