Why Hygiene

Unlike other cleaning companies, we provide a full range of related activities from training to pest control, to deliver a complete cleaning solution. We take full responsibility of the purchase of materials, the provision of equipment and meeting your own and legal standards. We will collaborate with your engineering and production staff to ensure all cleaning operations are carried out with minimum disruption and maximum efficiency. We can also contract manage many other added-value activities on your behalf, making us a complete service partner.


Our employees are carefully recruited and extensively trained. They are kept up-to-date on new legislation and practices and are managed by professionals whose sole responsibility is the provision of a world-class cleaning service. We are committed to maintaining our position as market leader through the ongoing development of our cleaning methods, products and systems.


In facilities with high production rates, problems can arise that need to be dealt with quickly and effectively. We have the resources and expertise to combat these issues through a rapid response capability.

All of our quality control systems conform to ISO 9001:2000, which enables you to demonstrate to third parties that due diligence and reasonable care has been taken in all aspects of cleaning.